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Licensed Practical Nurse - LPN | School Nurse

Location: Louisville, KY
Date Posted: 10-18-2016
Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN – Full Time School Nurse
CareerStaff Unlimited is looking for caring and passionate Licensed Practical Nurses for the 2016-2017 School Year. 

School Nurse Job Description – Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN:
  • Hours: 7:20am to 2:40pm, 8:30am to 4:00pm - Monday - Friday (no nights or weekends)
  • Work a full school Calendar: Beginning of August through end of May
  • As a school nurse you will provide care to various sick/injured children according to health guidelines. You will be expected to follow MD orders according to PCP forms.
Medication Administration for Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN:
  • Familiar with Diastat, Glucagon, Epi-pens, Inhalers, Nebulizers
  • Route of meds frequently given: subcutaneous, enteral,  oral, topical, eye drops, ear drops, nasal sprays
  • Oxygen administration via nasal cannula, bag, mask. Familiar with concentrators and portable tanks as well as how to change them out.
  • Documentation - Online/Paper
  • Identifies adverse reactions related to medications
  • Insulin
    •  Sliding scale doses
    •  Doses based on carbohydrate counts
    • Insulin pen, syringes, insulin pumps
Skills for Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN:
  • Treatment of diabetic children
    • Glucose monitoring
    • Ketone monitoring
    • Hypoglycemic interventions
    • Hyperglycemic interventions
    • Insulin administration. Most doses in the school setting are based on carbohydrate counts. May also see students who have orders for sliding scale.
    • Insulin pumps
  • Enteral Nutrition:
    • Medication administration, enteral feedings, trouble shooting, site monitoring, placement check, tube replacement
      • Nasoenteric tubes
      • PEG tubes
  • CPR, AED, First aid
Skills Continued for Licensed Practical Nurse, LPN:
  • Vital measurements: respirations, heart rate, temperature (P.O., tympanic, and axillary routes), pain
  • Assessment: lung sounds, heart sounds, neurological, gastrointestinal, signs of abuse/neglect, various injuries
  • Seizure precautions and crisis management
  • Able to identify adverse reactions/negative changes in a child’s assessment and is able to appropriately report these changes
  • Identifies and appropriately reports emergent medical situations 
  • Catheterization of males and female children
  • Tracheostomy care, replacement, and crisis management. In-line and standard suction catheters.
  • Application of splints, ace bandages, cast care, warm/cool compresses
  • Childhood behavioral/mood disorders
  • Commonly seen medical conditions in a school:
    • Headaches, cuts/scrapes, fevers, vomiting/diarrhea, respiratory illnesses, allergies, conjunctivitis, rashes, head lice
Please apply to this job posting or send resume to the following email:

Ty Perry
Market Manager – KY | CareerStaff Unlimited
A Genesis HealthCare Company
P: 502-254-6107 | Louisville KY 
C: 765-891-9146 | F: 502-254-6108  |
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